The people behind the cattery are me, Vibeke from the year of -78, and my teenage sons Daniel and Simon.
From early on I was interestet in animals, especially cats. This passion didn't come from strangers; my grandmother have had cats as long as I can remember.
As an adult I started out with a regular moogie. But I was fascinated by the big maine coon cats so my first pettigree-cat was a maine coon. In 2008 I registred DK Davisi and for some time I was convinced that I was meant to breed the gentle giant. But fate wanted it diffently. When I visited Anne Korsbakke - the woman behind DK Arjuna - the first time, I fell in love with the balinese breed. The beautiful blue eyes and the amazing mind was in many ways like the maine coons, but with the extra plus that the balinese didn't require the same extensive grooming.
Soon a couple of neuters moved in with my sons and I and shortly after we began to talk about breeding. In order to get as much experience as possible before I had to run a cattery on my own, I accepted the offer of being the host one of Anne's females. It meant that Anne had a litter in my home and I got the oppertunity to learn what breeding balinese and oriental cats was like.
The great arrangement resulted in Arjuna's Valhalla litter i 2014.
Now I have started my own cattery and I had the first litters in 2015. It has been an amazing experience! I hope to continue for many years and my ambition is to breed sociable and healthy cats while having the standard in mind.

Vibeke Jensen
7560 Hjerm
Tlf: +45 20722407